Open Science

In spirit of open science, I am trying to make my research outputs openly available. But it takes time and efforts. I will put some of the data, codes, and statistical maps and matrices on this page.


Intersubject correlation during movie watching

MATLAB codes for intersubject correlation analysis of dynamic connectivity in movie watching data (Di & Biswal, 2020).

PPI and beta series analysis

MATLAB codes for whole-brain PPI analysis and beta series analysis, a.k.a. task connectome (Di & Biswal, 2019)

Simulation for PPI correlations

MATLAB codes for simulation of the correlations of PPIs between two different ways of calculations (Di & Biswal, 2019).

ICA maps

ICA maps from FDG-PET images

ICA maps generated from FDG-PET images from ADNI (Di et al., 2019).

ICA maps from brain volumetric images

ICA maps generated from gray matter and white matter volumetric images from ABIDE (Di & Biswal, 2016).

ICA maps from fMRI images

Six ICA maps of the default mode network (DMN) and task positive networks (Di & Biswal, 2014).

ICA maps of nine major resting-state networks (Di & Biswal, 2015)

Brain connectivity matrices

Task vs. Rest: Brain network matrices derived from coactivations and resting-state connectivity (Di et al., 2013).

Regions of interest

Symmetrical ROIs using spherical packing algorithm (Di et al., 2014).


I am also grateful for all the open-source software and open-access datasets that make my research possible.



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