Open Science

I am committed to the principles of open science and aim to make my research results accessible to all. This requires significant time and effort, but I will publish some of the data, code, and statistical maps and matrices on this page.


A protocol for fMRI preprocessing and quality control

Codes for our protocol paper (Di & Biswal, 2023)


Intersubject correlation during movie watching

MATLAB codes for intersubject correlation analysis of dynamic connectivity in movie watching data (Di & Biswal, 2020).

PPI and beta series analysis

MATLAB codes for whole-brain PPI analysis and beta series analysis, a.k.a. task connectome (Di & Biswal, 2019)

Simulation for PPI correlations

MATLAB codes for simulation of the correlations of PPIs between two different ways of calculations (Di & Biswal, 2019).

ICA maps

ICA maps from movie-watching fMRI images

ICA maps generated from fMRI images when the participants wached a cartoom movie Partly Cloudy (Di & Biswal, 2021.

ICA maps from FDG-PET images

ICA maps generated from FDG-PET images from ADNI (Di et al., 2019).

ICA maps from brain volumetric images

ICA maps generated from gray matter and white matter volumetric images from ABIDE (Di & Biswal, 2016).

ICA maps from fMRI images

Six ICA maps of the default mode network (DMN) and task positive networks (Di & Biswal, 2014).

ICA maps of nine major resting-state networks (Di & Biswal, 2015)

Brain connectivity matrices

Task vs. Rest: Brain network matrices derived from coactivations and resting-state connectivity (Di et al., 2013).

Regions of interest

Symmetrical ROIs using spherical packing algorithm (Di et al., 2014).


I am also grateful for all the open-source software and open-access datasets that make my research possible.



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