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Dynamic causal modeling (DCM) on resting-state fMRI data

posted Aug 27, 2013, 7:51 PM by Xin Di
There is a growing interest to study the causal brain network structures in resting-state using dynamic causal modeling (DCM). It was suggested to model the spontaneous fluctuations as stochastic processes, however, we suggest to explicitly model the low-frequency fluctuation signals using Fourier series. In this study, we used Fourier series to model the input of DCM in resting-state, and studied the network structure underlying the default mode network (DMN). The current data validated the usage of deterministic DCM to study resting-state fMRI data by implementing Fourier series to model the low-frequency fluctuations. For more information, please click here

Di X, Biswal BB (2013). Identifying the Default Mode Network Structure Using Dynamic Causal Modeling on Resting-state Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Neuroimage.